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Books in English

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The Casket of Vermilion (Kumkuma Bharine
The Making of Mahatma
An Epic on Kashmir
Conference Confessions
God is Sick (Apoorva Lanka) (1.1)
The Casket of Vermillion
The Making of Mahatma (B&W)
Hell Rise in Paradise
The Haste Land
God is Sick (Apoorva Lanka) (1.2)
Soundarya Lahari
Pothana's Bhaagavatham
Modern Bhagavad Gita
The Songs of Annamayya
The Journey to Manas Sarovar
Prima Ballerina (Roberta Di Laura)
The Guerdon of Poesy
Bees Need No Invitation When Flowers Blo
The Tavern (Duvvuri Rami Reddy's Panasala)
The Twilight Zone
The Pendulum Clock, The Gramophone, The
Windows and Apples
My Poem is My Birth Certificate
How to Cook a Delicious Poem
A New Vigilance Whistle!
Pool of Blood
Dream Time (Tjukurpa)
The Legend of Yang Guifei
The Lost Songs of a Lone Traveller
Poetravelogue (Jordan)
Coffee Poems
Philiana - Phobiana (The Tortured Artist)
The Aura Of Red Aurora (Che Guevera)
Varavara Rao Poetry
Lilies of the Valley (Lily Swarn)
Ramblings of a Wandering Soul (Arekatla Pushyami)
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